Should men invest in skin treatments and a homecare routine? Definitely!

Male grooming has been a taboo subject for many years, but now it seems to be a trend, and one we highly recommend that all men follow!

We’re seeing an increase in male clients in our clinics, particularly men who work in ‘dirty’ environments including; builders, plumbers, mechanics and chefs. This alone shows that male grooming is a growing trend and men now are realising the benefits and importance of the health of their skin.

However, there are still many men that still don’t give much thought into the health and appearance of their skin, with three main misconceptions:

It isn’t very ‘masculine’
Men would rather spend time and money focusing on the areas they feel make them more attractive, for example; exercise, success & style. Even though these things are important, many men fail to recognise the benefits that healthy skin may serve to enhance all of the other things they do to improve their appearance. Until recently many thought it was cooler for men to look ‘rugged’.

Time consuming
Many men are overwhelmed by the thought of a daily skincare routine. They fail to see that in reality, it really only takes a few minutes twice a day.

Again, this comes down to time, but also confidence and lack of knowledge.

Now that we’ve illustrated some of the arguments men use for avoiding skincare, let’s discuss the benefits and ways to make it easier for men to incorporate a skincare routine into their daily lives.
So firstly, skincare for men doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming, or complicated.
Start with these three simple steps

You may have gotten used to using body wash, or, a bar of soap, but this isn’t doing your skin any good as they contain harsh detergents that aren’t designed for the face. They can also affect your skins natural pH balance and strip the skin of essential oils. The word ‘cleanser’ may seem very feminine and intimidating, but think of it the same as just a face wash! Choose a cleanser/face wash that can thoroughly remove dirt, excess oil, sweat and debris and provide much needed hydration.

Introduce exfoliation into your weekly skincare routine (twice a week). Regular exfoliation will decrease ingrowing facial hairs, remove build up of dead skin cells, clear out pores which, will aid in decreasing breakouts. This will aid in a brighter clearer complexion.

Apply SPF
Apply daily sunscreen. Generally, men spend more time outdoors than women and are more exposed to environmental factors. To make things easier many daily moisturisers contain SPF, so you can protect and moisturise with just one product.
Skin aftershave products
Many aftershave products contain alcohol, hence the burning and stinging effect experienced when applied to the skin. It’s time to ditch those irritating products as there are no real benefits to your skin. Alternatively invest in an antioxidant toner that is alcohol free to help sooth the skin post-shaving.

The good news
Live with a female? Why not share her skincare products?

Yes, male skin is different to female skin, however, most skincare ranges are unisex and are as beneficial for men as well as women.

Save yourself time shopping, space in the bathroom cupboard and money, share your skincare products!

Benefits of Skin treatments

Now onto the benefits of regular treatments.
As mentioned above we’re seeing an increase in male clients and the benefits and results gained from the treatments speak for themselves. Head over to our portfolio to see results.

Firstly, just think of it like going to the barber, a fresh face is just as important as a fresh haircut.
Most facials are suitable and beneficial to both male and female clients but male facials have the added benefit of including two forms of exfoliating techniques which help release trapped ingrown hairs below the skin’s surface and remove dead skin cells so you can get a closer shave.

Other benefits include:
• Youthful appearance
• Brighter complexion
• Reduced breakouts
• Reduced fine lines & wrinkles
• Clearer complexion

Now back to the homecare routine, in between haircuts men wash and style their hair, so a daily skincare routine is just as quick and easy to fit inbetween treatments.